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Banners App is an online platform where you can receive offers on goods and services interesting for you. For purchasing products offered by the app, you will get bonuses that can be easily converted into real money and sent to any wallet. The app is available for download on our website at and the Play Store.

1. Download the app to your device from our website or from Play Store.
2. If you are a FutureNet member please sign up using your FutureNet credentials, in other case you can sign up as a new user.
3. After you filled all the personal data and chose the frequency of banners display, press the ‘Turn ON” button.
4. Depending on the chosen settings the banners will pop up when you unlock the screen.

When registering in the application, you choose your gender, age, interests, professional direction, etc. Based on these data, advertisers target their ads, which are offered on Banners App. Yes, you will surely get exactly the offers you're interested in.

No, Banners App is available on mobile devices only. However, you can easily register on our official website at

Banners App accrues rewards for purchases and banner views in points, which are converted into FND.

FND is an internal currency of Futurenet and Banners App in particular. The value of FND (Futurenet Dollar) is equal 1:1 to USD

It is FND (Futurenet Dollar), but payouts are being processed in FTO cryptocurrency (Futuro Coin)

In the Active banners section, you can view all offers available to you now.

With a QR code and a one-time code you can get additional bonuses for purchasing products offered by the app. In order to get these codes you have to indicate that you are a Banners App user while making purchases. You can use a one-time code or scan a QR code in the app by going to the Active banners section.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to delete your account by yourself. Please contact technical support, and they will provide you with the step-by-step instructions on how to delete your account.

There are two ways to create an account on Banners App:
If you are a FutureNet member, you can sign in using your FutureNet credentials,
if not, sign up as a new user in the application or on our website at After completing the registration you will receive an activation link on email address you provided during registration. Confirm your email address by pressing the link and enjoy the opportunities of Banners App!

First of all, double check if you wrote correct email address when registering an account. Remember to check your mailbox carefully along with Spam/Junk folders, as the email might go there. To resend activation link to your email address click Can’t sign in? on login page, choose I haven’t received the account activation email, type your email address and press Resend activation link.
If there is still no activation link in your mailbox, please contact

Only 1 account can be registered for 1 person. All attempts to circumvent this policy will be disclosed and all accounts of this person will be banned on all our platforms.

One person can have one account in Banners App. There is no restrictions about quantity of users per one household. Feel free to invite your brother and sister to Banners App :)

Go to login page of Banners App application, press Can’t sign in?, choose Forgot password? option and type your email address to receive reset password link.

Please be informed that currently there is no possibility to delete an account from our system, this option will be available in the future. Meanwhile, you can just uninstall the application.

Sorry, this option is currently unavailable.

Make sure you have the latest version of the application. While logging in, please use exactly the same login and password as well as for the FutureAdPro platform. If the password doesn’t work, try to reset it. In case the issue still remains, please contact our support team.

Interested in showing your offers on Banners App? You can switch from any banner displayed on Banners App to the registration page of the Easy Visual advertising platform and start advertising your business in the application.

Write at or fill out the feedback form on our website

You can transfer money to any wallet, provided that the wallet address consists of 26 to 35 characters and supports FTO payments.

To withdraw commissions earned in Banners App, go to your “Dashboard” and press “Withdraw money” button. Put the amount you want to pay out and your cryptocurrency wallet address. Please note that the wallet of the exchange platform you want to use for withdrawal must accept FTO cryptocurrency. If you don’t have FTO wallet yet, you need to create it on one of the numerous exchange platforms (for example CoinDeal).

Withdrawals of commissions earned in Banners App are available in FTO (Futuro Coin) cryptocurrency. FND (Futurenet Dollar) is being converted to FTO according to the exchange rates from the day you applied for a payout.

The minimum withdrawal amount in FTO is 20 USD, while the maximum withdrawal amount per month is 10,000 USD.

Yes, you can transfer commissions earned in BannersApp to your FNWallet.

If a user has been inactive for more than 30 days (not logging into the app), the system automatically sets the account balance to zero. If the user logs into the application and is active, the funds will be held in the account for an unlimited time.
Also, if the account balance is to be nullified, our system will send you a message to the email address indicated during registration in the application. You will receive the message 5 days before the funds are charged.

Daily limit of banners available for watching is 360. In order to reduce the amount of artificial traffic that is not needed by advertisers there is also an hourly limit - 15 banners/hour.

You can earn up to $5 a week by viewing banners and making purchases on Banners App. Earnings are calculated and credited to your account at the end of each week.
Calculations are based on the pay-per-view advertising system. The system automatically collects ad revenue and calculates how many banners have been viewed this week. Then, ad revenue is divided by the number of banner views, that's how we calculate the cost of 1 view. After that, the system multiplies the number of viewed banners by the cost of 1 view, resulting in your earnings per week.
For example, if the income for the entire ad campaign is $30000, and the number of viewed ads around the world is 10 million, then the price of 1 ad view will be 0.003 FND. Multiply 0.003 FND by a number of your views (e.g. 1400) and you'll get 4.2 FND per week.

You can earn up to 5 FND a week by viewing banners and making purchases. Please note that you can earn the most FND making purchases in the application.

To see people you invited to Banners App, open the menu on the left and press Structure.

Please update the application. If this does not work, please contact technical support

To get a reflink to invite new members to Banners App and have them in your structure open the menu on the left, press Invite friends. Your reflink will be copied to your clipboard after clicking on Send link to friends button.

Sponsor can be checked in Structure section in the left menu.

Please contact technical support and explain how the structure should look like (be sure to specify the logins). If it is technically possible, our support team will change your sponsor.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change a sponsor.

To appear in your structure a person should register an account in Banners App using your invitation link.
If a registration was done without a referral link an account would appear in the structure of user who has the biggest amount of watched ads in the country at that moment.

Referral program gives you an opportunity to earn money also from the ads watched by your friends. These commissions depend on a level your referral is on in your structure and are the following:
Level 1 - 8%
Level 2 - 4%
Level 3 - 1%
Level 4 - 1%
Level 5 - 1%

Referral bonuses for the current month will be calculated and added to your account in the second half of the next month.

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